Why ClayLantern?

The top 5 reasons that make ClayLantern a best place for learning Computer Programming and Python.

Always up-to-date content

In the programming world, things change at a faster rate. Programming languages are updated regularly. New versions of the language are released with new features.

At ClayLantern, the courses are always up-to-date. When you learn from ClayLantern it is assured that you had learnt the latest.

Two-way communication. No recorded videos

ClayLantern practices an unique style of teaching to enhance learning.

Have you experienced a moment like: You watch a video/talk online, you have questions, you do not know whom to ask, you save it for the future and with time it slips from your mind. Finally, the question reaches its fatal end with no answers.

ClayLantern courses are live, interactive and participant-focused. It means that the trainer explains concepts and you can ask questions.

Industry-centric approach

Trainers are from the Industry. Yes, they are experienced programmers and coders. They spend most of their time in front of a computer building awesome programs. They code 8-10 hours a day on an average. Learning from them is a rare opportunity because they teach you what works. They keep it real and clear.

ClayLantern's trainers are people with 10+ years of experience in programming.

Hands-on training

ClayLantern courses teaches you to code in real-time. Courses are completely hands-on. If you are someone with no programming experience, you will be surprised by the progress you make.

You have come to ClayLantern with an enthusiasm to learn. We make you a programmer.

Assignment and certificate

An assignment should be submitted to mark the completion of the course. And, ClayLantern issues a certificate of completion to the student.

The certificate can be verified online by anyone at our website.

Our goal is to make future-ready professional programmers.

We take every effort to ensure it.

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