Terms and Conditions
Last updated April 29, 2020

1. Billing:

1.1 By default, we accept payments in INR (Indian Rupees).

1.2 For INR payments, you can use the 'Pay now' button in the website.

1.3 If you prefer to pay in other currencies, write to registration@claylantern.com. We shall guide you.

1.4 For your payment, you will receive an invoice from Rignova Cloud Private Limited, TREC-STEP Campus, Thuvakudi, Trichy - 620015, Tamil Nadu, India.

1.5 Invoice (as PDF) will be sent to your registered email address within 5 working days from the date of payment.

2. GST (Goods and Services Tax)

2.1 For all payments in INR, 18% GST will be applicable.

2.2 If you are interested in GST input credit, you need to send us your legal business/organization name, address and GSTIN to registration@claylantern.com before the online course starts.

2.3 For payments in currencies other than INR, 18% GST is not applicable.

3. Cancellation Policy

3.1 If you decide to cancel your registration, you need to send the cancellation request to registration@claylantern.com 3 hours before the course starts.

3.2 Cancellation request only from your registered email address will be accepted. Requests from other email addresses will be ignored.

3.3 A processing fee of INR 500 will be applicable. After deducting the processing fee, the balance amount will be refunded.

3.4 We will initiate the refund within 2 working days from the date of cancellation request.

3.5 Refunds will be processed through a Payment Processor and they normally take 3-7 working days to complete a refund. Rignova has no control on the time taken but we will follow-up for you and ensure that the refund reaches you.

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