Python Intermediate
A 10-hour-science-of-data programme

Duration 10 hours (1 hour per day for 10 days)
Style Live, Hands-on and Interactive
Medium English
Time 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. IST
Dates New batch every month (starts on the first Monday).
10 days = Week 1 (Mon-Fri) + Week 2 (Mon-Fri)
Topics Please read the topics covered here
Prerequisites Laptop/PC with Windows 10 & a reliable internet connection
Ideal for School students College students Job seekers Employees
Batch size Limited to 5 seats per batch
Certificate A PDF certificate will be issued that can be verified online
Fees INR 30,000 (18% GST extra)
Topics covered
S.No Topic
1 History of data
2 A primer on computer hardware
3 Data
4 Data Types
5 Data Structures
6 Mathematics & data structures
7 Writing efficient Python
8 Life of a data

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Guido van Rossum is the creator of the Python programming language. He grew up in the Netherlands and studied at the University of Amsterdam, where he graduated with a Master's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. His first job after college was as a programmer at CWI, where he worked on the ABC language, the Amoeba distributed operating system, and a variety of multimedia projects. During this time he created Python as side project. He then moved to the United States to take a job at a non-profit research lab in Virginia, married a Texan, worked for several other startups, and moved to California. In 2005 he joined Google, where he obtained the rank of Senior Staff Engineer, and in 2013 he started working for Dropbox as a Principal Engineer. In October 2019 he retired. Until 2018 he was Python's BDFL (Benevolent Dictator For Life), and he is still deeply involved in the Python community. Guido, his wife and their teenager live in Silicon Valley, where they love hiking, biking and birding.

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