1. How can I contact ClayLantern?
If you are interested in a workshop/course, you can register by filling the Workshop form or Course form. We shall contact you. If you have any specific doubt you can call +91-9042434564 (Mon-Fri | 10:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.).
2. We are an educational institution. Can we register for the course?
Courses are suitable for senior school and college students. You are welcome to apply.
3. I am an individual who is really passionate about programming. Can I apply?
We have a huge success rates with one-to-one training. Write about you and your interest to registration@claylantern.com. We shall discuss.
4. What makes ClayLantern courses unique?
ClayLantern courses are unique and effective. The curriculum is an output of 10+ years of real programming. The concepts are taught elegantly to increase absorption.
5. Who is the trainer?
Mr. Rajkumar R is the trainer for our courses and workshops. He has 10+ years of programming experience. He has worked on projects for companies across industries.
6. Does the course help me in getting a job?
Python and JavaScript are used in the courses and workshops. They are popular and heavily used in the industry. The courses will definitely improve your performance in interviews. Professional courses are designed to prepare you for a job as a developer.
7. I am working in a company as a developer. Can I register for the course?
Yes. Kindly write to registration@claylantern.com. We shall guide you with the right course.
8. Do you provide certificate after the course/workshop?
Yes. We provide certificate of completion for courses and certificate of participation for workshops.